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Quality, Detailed Electrical Service!

Richter Electric, INC.

3220 N. Pontiac Dr. Janesville WI 53545

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We're on the wire when yours aren't working

Electricity is the life blood of civilization and commerce. When it fails, life and business come screeching to a halt! Call to get up and running again with the help of Richter Electric, Inc.

  -  Basic repairs

  -  Full system upgrades

  -  Retrofitting for older homes and buildings

  -  Breaker box inspections

  -  Outdoor lighting solutions

  -  Motion sensor systems

  -  Licensed, bonded and insured

  -  Repairs or replacements due to main panel or meter socket failures

No problem too big or too small

We all know that electricity can be dangerous stuff. When you have a problem in your system, you shouldn't try and fix it yourself, no matter how minor the problem may seem!


From hooking up a ceiling fan to dealing with total system failures, in 30 years in Rock County, Richter Electric, Inc. has seen it all. But most importantly, they've fixed it all!

Rock County relies on us


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